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Pool Rules

Pool Supervision
The pool and associated locker rooms are supervised by a Pool Manager and the guard staff under the direction of the Member Activities Director and General Manager. Adult supervision is required for children under the age of 13. The Pool Manager and guards are fulfilling their duties when calling violations of pool rules or misconduct to the attention of members, children, and guests. Failure to comply with their directions shall be considered cause for suspension of pool privileges, subject to review by the Board of Directors.
Pool Hours and Season
The season extends from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. The General Manager shall determine the daily operating schedule for the pool and notice shall be sent to the membership before each season.
Pool Guests and Guest Fees
Every user of the pool must register upon entering the pool enclosure. Members may bring guests to the pool and guests must be in the company of a member. No guests shall be permitted without the company of a member. Guests will be charged guest fees. Conduct and use of the Club's facility is the total responsibility of the hosting members.
Swimming Instructions
Group and private swim lessons may be arranged with members of the pool staff. Please contact the Pool Manager for arrangements.
Food and Beverage Service
Service to pool patrons is available at the Splash Café. Food must be consumed at the snack bar or adjoining patio.
  • All pool patrons should take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.
  • No glass bottles or glasses shall be permitted in or around the pool or on the deck.
  • Dogs or other pets are prohibited in the vicinity of the pool.
  • No smoking is permitted within the pool enclosure.
  • All small children are required to wear swim diapers until they are potty trained.
  • Any games, activities, or boisterous conduct, which tends to jeopardize the enjoyment and safety of others is prohibited. The Pool Manager and the guards have the authority to prohibit such activities at their discretion.
  • All persons using the pool and its equipment do so at their own risk. The Country Club of Lansing will not be responsible for injury, illness or accidents suffered by persons in or about the pool.
  • Anyone who cannot swim must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person. They must stay in the shallow end of the pool.
  • The wading pool is limited to children under seven (7) years of age who cannot swim. A responsible person must accompany all children using the wading pool. The pool staff will supervise the wading pool, but will not be responsible for anyone using it.
  • Swimmers shall keep clear from in front of the diving board.
  • "Bouncing" on the springboards is prohibited. Only one person is allowed on the springboard at a time.
  • Diving into the shallow water area is prohibited.

Weather Policy

In the event of rain, the pool may remain open if the lifeguards can see the bottom of the pool, there is no thunder or lightning. If lightning or thunder is detected by the lifeguards, they will ask members and guests to evacuate the pool deck. Everyone must evacuate the pool and deck and seek shelter until the lifeguards inform members and guests it is safe to return to the pool and patio area.
  • Pool activities will remain suspended until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lightning strike is seen. The pool will close if there is a lightning strike within a mile of the pool.
  • If it is not feasible to reopen after 45 minutes, the pool will close, and an attempt will be made to reopen the pool later in the day.
  • The pool is subject to early closing if there is low attendance and the weather warrants closure, or in the event of a contamination.
If the outside air temperature drops below 65 degrees during normal operating hours, the pool may be closed.